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The Roanoke Girls

“You know your family’s f*ed up, right?” he asked. “Like, seriously screwed.”
This novel became difficult to read since the main focus and theme of the novel is about sexual abuse. I cringed and curled up at some parts because of how disturbing it was. I this was the point of the novel, to open people’s eyes to the things that go on in this world then mission accomplished. If you get easily triggered then I do not recommend this book. Besides sexual abuse, there are other trigger warnings of self-inflicted death and murders of a child and a woman, along with alcohol abuse., “I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

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Lola is one woman’s tale about coming out from behind the shadows of men and exerting her power in order to survive in her violent, dark, unforgiving world dominated by heinous men, drugs, and gangs. Story telling at its best. Los Angeles’ undercurrents described in insightful and focused language. Lola is an exciting addition to the literary cast of characters of a complex, dark and powerful city.

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Eleanor goes head on with the topic of depression with no sight of hitting the breaks. The book describes how the people around us can really affect our lives and how they don’t know what they are doing to you. Some of the trauma that is taken isn’t necessary physically noticeable, like your hair/ skin doesn’t turn a different color. (sidenote: that would be really cool if people’s skin started to slowly change in color to maybe a red when they are experience warning signs of mental health problems). Sometimes the realization that something horrible is happening doesn’t happen until it is too late.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

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Hear Our Voice

Mountain View
Action 1 / 10

Write a postcard to your Senators about what matters most to you – and how you’re going to continue to fight for it in the days, weeks and months ahead.

You can do it alone, or consider inviting some friends, neighbors to talk about your experience.

Take Action: Send a postcard to your Senators
Write down your thoughts. Pour your heart out on any issue that you care about, whether it’s ending gender-based violence, reproductive rights and women’s health, LGBTQ+ rights, worker’s rights, civil rights, immigrant rights, religious freedom, environmental justice or anything else.

Visit this website for more information
Visit this website for an alterative way to make your voice heard or to find example of this that are happening and what to say

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Similar to Wolfram Alpha, but free! You can see the step-by-step solutions without paying, so that’s great. However, the downside is that if your math problem is quite complicated, it may not have the solution (i.e. crazy integrals)

Paul’s Online Math NotesThis website has notes on algebra to multivariable calculus, with plenty of examples and explanations. This is an actual life saver for my friends who are doing advanced/university level math. Especially if your professor has atrocious writing but can’t seem to stray away from hand written notes. 

apps + websites:


cute af notes

cool stuff to help you understand some things

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Preparing To Read Assigned Reading


  • think about why you’re reading it: while this might not make it easier to read, it will make you realize you actually need to sit up and take note of the book on a theoretical level
  • … as in, there’s always something teachers want you to get from the book – that’s why it was assigned.
    • is it for a genre study? or for themes in it? or viewpoints or historical content – well, you get the point
    • thinking about this will also get you into the mindset of what the book is about. thinking about space while reading about mr darcy and elizabeth won’t work. probably.
  • set out time to read before you start: if you don’t want to do something, you’ll push it away again and again. again and again and again.
    • say: i’ll have x number of pages read by x date by reading on z time. something like that.
      • it doesn’t need to be every day; just a little bit every now and again
    • if you need to set an alarm to drag yourself away from your procrastinating, feel free.
  • tip: if the teacher wants it read by a certain date, plan to have it finished a few days before. that way, if you a bit behind, you’re not spoiled or caught out.
  • make sure you know what you need to do with the novel: are you just reading it for fun? for an essay? for a book review? to act out the first scene? to analyse the motivations of catherine linton?
  • you need to know what to look for. i’m not saying ignore the rest, just to keep an eye out for these things above everything else
  • if you don’t understand what’s going on – jump online and google that shit.
  • look here for some online resources
    • but be careful not to rely on them to the point where you need to blow dust from the cover
    • markers will be able to tell that you’ve copied the plot from wikipedia or sparknotes. okay, they just can.
  • actually read the book: this is kind of obvious, but there’s no point in prepping if you won’t do it.
    • JUST DO IT!
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While language learning apps and websites such as are plentiful online, places to practice are less easy to find! Here’s a few you can try out, none of which are limited to just one or two languages:


HelloTalk (iOS/Android): an app with 100+ languages that lets you chat with native speakers of your target language from around the world with voice + text. It’s the one most geared towards just conversation!

WeSpeke (iOS/Android): an app and website with probably the largest variety of languages at 130, with text, audio, and video chat.

Conversation Exchange: this one’s a little different, as it not only allows you to get a pen pal and has text, video, and voice, but it also lets you meet up with native speakers in your area to practice!

Speaky (iOS/Android): a web and mobile app which is pretty much social media for language learners! It has 110+ languages and you can make video/audio calls and message from your browser.

HiNative (iOS/Android): not exactly for chatting with people, but instead you can ask native speakers about their culture/language in your target language!


Duolingo Immersion: lets you translate articles from your target language into your native language, or vice versa.

Readlang: read articles, books, and other texts online, with vocab support, and it will create vocab lists and flashcards based on the words you needed help with.

All You Can Read: a selection of magazines and news websites from 200 countries, offered in a wide variety of languages.

Worldpress: a directory of worldwide newspapers and magazines, sorted by country, region, and also political affiliation.


Live-Radio: a collection of thousands of worldwide radio stations in a multitude of languages.

Every Tongue: 7,000+ recordings of all different languages, readily available online.

Omniglot: a massive listing of online radio stations in languages from A-Z!

Global Recordings Network: search by language or country to listen to any of a wide variety of online recordings.

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Feather Quote Bookmarks


Free Printable Feather Bookmarks help you remember where you left off in any story. Each bookmark features a quote by a famous author that will inspire you each time you open your book. With 3 quotes to choose from, you can match the quotes to the theme of your book whether it’s a love story, a memoir or even an adventure theme.All you have to do is click the link below.,article/557/free-printable-feather-quote-bookmarks