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Preparing To Read Assigned Reading


  • think about why you’re reading it: while this might not make it easier to read, it will make you realize you actually need to sit up and take note of the book on a theoretical level
  • … as in, there’s always something teachers want you to get from the book – that’s why it was assigned.
    • is it for a genre study? or for themes in it? or viewpoints or historical content – well, you get the point
    • thinking about this will also get you into the mindset of what the book is about. thinking about space while reading about mr darcy and elizabeth won’t work. probably.
  • set out time to read before you start: if you don’t want to do something, you’ll push it away again and again. again and again and again.
    • say: i’ll have x number of pages read by x date by reading on z time. something like that.
      • it doesn’t need to be every day; just a little bit every now and again
    • if you need to set an alarm to drag yourself away from your procrastinating, feel free.
  • tip: if the teacher wants it read by a certain date, plan to have it finished a few days before. that way, if you a bit behind, you’re not spoiled or caught out.
  • make sure you know what you need to do with the novel: are you just reading it for fun? for an essay? for a book review? to act out the first scene? to analyse the motivations of catherine linton?
  • you need to know what to look for. i’m not saying ignore the rest, just to keep an eye out for these things above everything else
  • if you don’t understand what’s going on – jump online and google that shit.
  • look here for some online resources
    • but be careful not to rely on them to the point where you need to blow dust from the cover
    • markers will be able to tell that you’ve copied the plot from wikipedia or sparknotes. okay, they just can.
  • actually read the book: this is kind of obvious, but there’s no point in prepping if you won’t do it.
    • JUST DO IT!

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